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Wellness in the sanatoriums of Belarus and Russia

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Rest and sanitation in the sanatoriums of Belarus and Russia

Wellness treatment, a variety of rehabilitation programs and just rest surrounded by natural beauties - all this is a sanatorium in Belarus. More than 100 medical and health care facilities in all regions of Belarus and Russia. Some of them work as places for general health restoration. The rest of the sanatoriums have a certain curative focus. Modern institutions work for getting rid of diseases of the respiratory tract and internal organs. There are entire complexes for restoring the musculoskeletal system, a sanatorium with a cardiovascular profile or treating diseases of the nervous system.

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Sale of tourist services

Belarus, Russia, Europe - we offer the most exclusive and interesting tours at reasonable prices.

All the remarkable sights of Belarus - amazing castles and ancestral manors, beautiful temples and monasteries, unique corners of unspoilt nature, fascinating museums and ethnographic villages: Mir, Nesvizh, Dudutki, Brest Fortress, Khatyn, Braslav Lakes, Belovezhskaya Pushcha.

We also offer to visit you an endless Russia - the Golden Ring, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Sochi.

You will also be offered attractive tours to Georgia, excursions in the Baltic States, including an exclusive tour around Latvia - secrets of medieval Riga, Vidzeme Switzerland, castles of German barons and knights tournaments, resort Jurmala, the Baltic Sea, National parks, secret places, underground bunkers and much more.

Do you have a desire to go somewhere, and you did not find this tour with us? Call us, write to us, our partner network is distributed in many countries, and we are always in touch!

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Organization of treatment, diagnosis and rehabilitation abroad

We organize your treatment abroad

What do we offer:

  • • All medical services
  • • Assistance in organizing the trip (transfer, accommodation)
  • • Visa support
  • • Organization of leisure in his spare time
  • • On-line consultations of doctors before the trip

Applying to our company, you will get a choice of several options with different price categories (from economy to business)

No overpayments! You pay the cost of treatment at the clinic's cash desk.

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We will help you to issue a visa to Belarus, as well as a visa to Latvia (Schengen) and support for the registration of a residence permit in Latvia

We will issue a visa for up to 180 days, we will help with the formulation of insurance.

  • • Tourist up to 30 days single - 30 euros + insurance (we make insurance on the spot 0,35 cents per day)
  • • Private / business visa up to 30 days single entry - 30 euros + insurance (we make insurance on the spot 0.35 cents per day)
  • • Private / business visa up to 30 double - 40 euros + insurance (we make insurance on the spot 0,35 cents per day)
  • • Business multiple up to 90 days - from 65 euros + insurance (we make insurance on the spot 16 euros for 3 months)
  • •Business multiple up to 180 days per year - from 70 euros + insurance (we make insurance on the spot depending on the period of the first trip)
  • • Group tourist single entry - 15 euros + insurance (we make insurance on the spot 0,35 cents per day)
  • • Assistance in obtaining visas to Latvia (Schengen) for citizens of Belarus - from 70 euros
  • • Assistance in obtaining a residence permit in Latvia - 750 euros (including the whole process, duty for the call, insurance, documentation)
  • • And others
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Selection of a sanatorium in Belarus and Russia from «AllMedTours»

General health improvement and treatment according to narrow profiles in sanatoriums in all regions of Belarus

Effective treatment in children's sanatoriums in Belarus

Does your child have poor eyesight? Weak lungs, asthma, bronchitis? We offer tours to children's centers for restoring vision and treating lungs!

Санаторий Богатырь

Sanatorium "Bogatyr""

Лечение глазных заболеваний More about the sanatorium
Rehabilitation center Zeleny Bor

Rehabilitation center "Zeleny Bor"

Asthma, bronchitis, lung disease More about the sanatorium

Vouchers to the sanatorium of Belarus and the Russian Federation at affordable prices

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Health resort Bogatyr

Sanatorium "Bogatyr" is located in a picturesque pine forest on the bank of the river Udranka 300 meters from the artificial reservoir, where there is an equipped beach, playgrounds, hydropark, boat station, shops.

Profile - general therapeutic with accompanying diseases of the organ of vision in children.

  • - Nearsightedness of weak degree with violation of accommodation.
  • - Myopia of medium and high degree is rapidly progressive, complicated.
  • - Hyperopia and astigmatism of high degrees with accommodation disruption.
  • - Amblyopia and strabismus for a course of pleoptortoptic treatment.



The rehabilitation center "Zeleny Bor" is a branch of the Republican speleotherapy hospital which is our partner in the treatment of adults and children. In the rehabilitation center "Green Boar" at any time of the year it is easy and free to breathe!

Rehabilitation center:

  • - treats children aged 6 to 18 years
  • - children aged 10-18 years undergo speleotherapy in conditions of underground separation at a depth of 420 meters
  • - children aged 6-10 years receive speleolechenie in ground galokamotah

List of medical indications for admission:

  • -bronchial asthma (all types) of mild and moderate severity of course during remission, ND not higher than I degree,
  • - chronic obstructive pulmonary disease of mild and moderate severity during the course of remission, DN not higher than I degree
  • - chronic bronchitis in the period of remission, DV not higher than I degree, pollinosis (on the eve of the exacerbation season and in the exacerbation season).

Children for treatment in the underground department are accepted from 10 years.