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Gastronomic tour to Georgia

Exclusive: Samegrelo, Guria, Adjara - 6 days / 5 nights

Ladies and Gentlemen! We offer you a gastronomic tour to Georgia !! You are waiting for amazing beauty and incredibly delicious dishes!

Traveling in Georgia, we will visit three regions (Samegrelo, Guria, Adjara) for a short tour, combining interesting with useful! Feel and dip into the life of the city, we will learn the traditions and cuisine of these regions!

So we flew!!

1st day

We meet you at the airport (Batumi).

We get acquainted with sunny Batumi and its people!

Walking along the old streets of Batumi, will end in a cozy Georgian restaurant, we'll raise wine for our acquaintance!

On this evening will end. From tomorrow, we are waiting for the beautiful places of Georgia!

2 nd day

At 9:00 we leave for Samegrelo (Megrelia) This region is in the west of Georgia. On the way we get acquainted with the sights.

In this beautiful corner of Georgia, you will see not only the traditions of the Megrel people, but also learn how to prepare real Megrelian dishes (gomi, satsivi, Megrel khachapuri)

Acquainted with Samegrelo we go to Guria!

Day 3

Welcome to Guria friends!

The Gurians are very positive people, so the mornings will begin to be fun! :)

After breakfast we will go to learn how to cook Gurian dishes (gvezeli, chaharshuli)

4 th day

We leave to show Adjara mountains and Adjarian cuisine! It is here that we learn the hospitality of Adjara, learn how to cook according to Adjara (Borono, Sinori, Adjara khachapuri)

5th day

The day came when you can relax a little. Way to keep on Mtiralu! In this beautiful place we offer you a picnic and fun starts (we will be divided into teams)

6-й день

Alas on this our gastronomic tour ends, but we hope to continue our friendship, and we will meet again more than once!

We show you the airport! We do not say goodbye, we say UP TO THE AMBULANCE MEETING !!!

Included in the price:

The price does not include:

Group from 6 to 10 people